Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Software Installs

This post will probably be rather short but I just wanted to chronicle my experience in installing the software on the new system. As stated in the previous post, the build began with a nice fresh version of Windows 7 Home Premium. As the system booted and started the install, I was expecting it to take quite a bit of time. Imagine my delight when everything went very smoothly and the system soon rebooted and I was presented with the Windows login screen.

After my initial login I installed my Avast! anti-virus software and prepared to let Windows start doing its updates. Oops! I had no internet connection. My last to computers were built by Dell so I had forgotten that all those drivers which were preinstalled on those systems now had to be installed by me. I rummaged around in the manuals and disks that came with all the parts and found the driver disk for the motherboard and inserted it. I followed the prompts and in a couple of minutes the drivers for the sound card, network card and a few other motherboard items were installed and running.

After a reboot, it was time for the video card driver disk followed by the driver disk for the SSD drive. I'm not sure the SSD driver disk was really necessary but it did have some good utilities on it. When the video software ran, it found a new version available on the internet and installed it. Windows then started its updates and while those took a little time, it was again relatively easy. It wasn't very long until everything was up to date and my system was ready to start installing games. Before I installed the games, I did do a backup of the system using my Acronis True Image software. This will ensure I don't have to go through a lot of those things again should I need to format the hard drive at a future date and start over.

In conclusion, I have to say this was one of the easiest builds and software installs I have ever done. Things really have changed for the better!

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